INTERESTING: “political puritans” aka “yankee” like a contemporary “Karen”

The Brion McClanahan Show
By The Brion McClanahan Show
The Brion McClanahan Show discusses history, politics, and society with the slogan, “Think Locally, Act Locally.”

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A Yankee is a peculiar type of American that was born and bred in New England in the 17th century but that eventually found his way into virtually every part of the United States, and like a horde of locusts, he plunders and consumes everything he deems unholy.

The Yankee is always concerned that someone, somewhere is doing something he doesn’t like and it is his goal to ensure that stops.

This originated in Puritan theology and has been secularized in the modern age. That is why I have termed the new left the “political puritans.”

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Yup, it certainly seems that no one can MYOB.  

FMPOV, I don’t want my face rubbed in whatever you’re doing.  If I don’t feel that whatever you’re doing will impact my life, I really don’t care.  And most of all I don’t want to pay for whatever you’re doing. Hence why I really don’t like politicians and bureaucrats.

I guess I’m not a “Yankee” or a “Karen”. 

Live and let live.  MYOB.  AND, most of all, blessed are the Peacemakers. 



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