RANT: TWITTER is blocking stuff about Covid 19

*** begin quote ***

Ferdinand Reinke
https://bit.ly 3BQbTi5

Fisetin has been shown to reduce the burden of COVID-19 in the lab and an animal model with significant results; researchers are now testing it in skilled nursing facility Fisetin is a flavonoid/need to eat 37 strawberries day

*** end quote ***

I follow “Nutrition Facts dot org” for their plant-based evidence-based diet information.  I saw an article from Mercola about a strawberries being tested in a Covid 19 study.  Since this would be right up Dr. Greger’s alley, I went to tweet it to @nutrition_facts.

Bang!  It was blocked. 

They are blocking anything from Dr. Mercola’s site. 

BUT by the subtly use of a space in the link, I was about to bypass their block. 

Note this is calling one Doctor’s observation to another Doctor’s attention.  No one was offering advice or an opinion. No one was asserting that this was a cure all.

(Personally I like strawberries and could easily enjoy 37 per day. Any Covid benefit would be a good excuse.  And, as far as I know, there are no harmful side effect from overdosing on strawberries. Laugh!)

That’s why this whole kerfuffle is so DUMB!

Leave people alone to follow what they perceive as their own best interest.  We are not sheep to be lead by a Judas goat like Twitter.


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