HEROIC: Self-described the ‘happiest man on Earth’.


The man who smiled in the face of savagery: The inspirational and life-affirming story of Holocaust survivor EDDIE JAKU, 101, who resolved that happiness was the sweetest revenge

  • Eddie Jaku, 101, became famous for his focus on peace, tolerance and hope
  • The Holocaust survivor describes himself as the ‘happiest man on Earth’ 
  • Mr Jaku leaves two sons, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren

PUBLISHED: 18:52 EDT, 13 October 2021 | UPDATED: 18:54 EDT, 13 October 2021

*** begin quote ***

The older I get, the more I think, why? The only answer I can find is hate. Hate is the beginning of a disease, like cancer. It may kill your enemy, but it will destroy you in the process too.

So I hate no one, not even Hitler. I do not forgive him. If I forgive, I am a traitor to the six million who died. But I also live for them, and live the best life I can.

Life is not always happiness, there are many hard days. Don’t blame others for your misfortunes. Remember you are lucky to be alive. Every breath is a gift.

Life is beautiful if you let it be: please, every day, remember to be happy, and to make others happy, too.

*** end quote ***

Good advice from a wise soul


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