GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Protesting parents are NOT domestic terrorists

PIERS MORGAN: President Biden’s attempt to criminalize complaining parents is a shameful attempt to silence dissent that’s more worthy of North Korea than the supposed land of the free
PUBLISHED: 10:08 EDT, 6 October 2021 | UPDATED: 10:49 EDT, 6 October 2021

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Above all, I will defend to the last drop of my blood the right of any parent to want to protect their child.

In the end, isn’t that the overriding job of a parent – to keep their children from harm’s way until they’d old enough to look after themselves?

That doesn’t mean I will always agree with what a parent wants for their child.

In fact, many times I may vehemently disagree.

But I will always support their right to have an opinion on what is best for their child because nobody knows their own child better than a caring parent.

And the First Amendment of the US Constitution permits parents to express those opinions as vigorously as they want.

Yet in a stunning, and very sinister move, President Biden has apparently decided that they don’t.

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If parents are no longer allowed a say in how their children are educated, and indeed are to be categorised as domestic terrorists for doing so, then why should they continue paying taxes to pay for that education?

President Biden has declared war on America’s parents and their right to free speech, and it’s a shameful abuse of his power. 

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I understand the drive for “homeschooling”.  Unfortunately, not everyone can do that.

P.S., I can’t believe how much I’m agreeing with  PIERS MORGAN.  Which one of us is changing?