RANT: The “presstitutes” don’t deserve our attention and the money that flows from ratings


Charles Hurt: Biden’s Cover-up Culture Ties the Press in Knots
Doug Mills/The New York Times
21 Sep 2021

*** begin quote ***

For five years, these news lizards concocted every fantastic tale they could think up to slime President Trump. They made up stories about him, his family, and anyone who worked for him.

They conjured up stories about urinating hookers in Moscow, wacky bank transfers, and wild fever dreams about Mr. Trump colluding with various foreign governments.

They worked hand-in-hand with sleazy political operatives campaigning against Mr. Trump. They colluded with government hacks, military officers, and even our own Justice Department to destroy a president duly elected by the American people.

Almost as furiously as they made up stories about Mr. Trump, they whitewashed true stories about Mr. Biden and his deadbeat, crackhead, corrupt family.

*** end quote ***

​Seems like a pretty accurate summation!

So how does “We, The Sheeple” indicate our displeasure with “the Fourth Estate”?

In short, ignore them.  When they don’t get ratings or respect, then that will translate into money — the great disciplinarian of the marketplace’s “invisible hand”.


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