HEALTH: Live to 130?

Scientists predict the maximum human lifespan – and suggest people will live to 130 within this century

  • Humans may live to the age of 130 within this century, scientists have predicted
  • Longest-lived person so far is French woman Jeanne Calment who died aged 122
  • The study set out to determine if there is an upper limit on the human lifespan
  • They found there wasn’t but by the age of 110 chances of staying alive are 50/50


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Maybe I can make it to 132 and steal back all my “voluntary” social security thefts!


VOCABULARY: ​It’s not a “vaccine”; it’s an “inoculation”​!

This New Peer-Reviewed Article Could Be a Game-Changer
Rob Jenkins | Posted: Sep 26, 2021 12:01 AM

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About the “vaccines” themselves: “A vaccine is legally defined as any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of one or more diseases….A January 2000 patent application that defined vaccines as ‘compositions or mixtures that when introduced into the circulatory system of an animal will evoke a protective response to a pathogen’ was rejected by the U.S. Patent Office because ‘the immune response produced by a vaccine…must be protective….[It must be] a compound which prevents infection.’ In the remainder of this article, we use the term ‘inoculated’ rather than vaccinated, because the injected material in the present COVID-19 inoculations prevents neither viral infection nor transmission. Since its main function in practice appears to be symptom suppression, it is operationally a ‘treatment.’”

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​It’s not a “vaccine”; it’s an “inoculation”​!