VOCABULARY: A “spamouflage” network to muddy the waters


ENTER THE MATRIX Inside China’s chilling network of AI generated PEOPLE on Facebook & Twitter spreading anti-vaxx lies & Covid fake news
The US Sun ^ | August, 5th, 2021 | Henry Holloway
Posted on 8/6/2021, 12:11:45 PM by David Chase

CHINA has a sprawling creepy network of AI generated people who it uses to spread anti-vaxx lies and fake news about Covid.

Beijing is believed to use a massive “spamouflage” network to muddy the waters and promote its own interests to unwitting social media users – and its computer generated “people” are perhaps its most disturbing tactic.

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Now that’s a an interesting twist.  Need more ways to authenticate “real people” from computer generated “people”, astroturf “groups”, and just plain old trolls.


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