GOVEROTRAGEOUS: What is mandated public education but enslavement of the young?

It is Time to End Compulsory Public Education
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Posted on 6/26/2021, 1:50:44 PM by cuz1961

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It is Time to End Compulsory Public Education. . What is mandated public education but enslavement of the young?

The State is teaching second graders “restorative justice.”. High schoolers are instructed that their families “reinforce racist/homophobic prejudices.” Government officials – teachers and school board members – are targeting parents for their opposition to the teachings of critical race theory.

And we grovel to the State, begging them to make it stop.

This is not the profile of a free people.

The fight against the government’s efforts to teach and promote evil will always exist as long as there are public schools. The evil may be different in degree – it won’t always be critical race theory …

Mandated education is a relatively new idea in the West….

By what authority does a State have to compel attendance at a government school?

The Supreme Court has held that students do not shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.5 What of the right to not attend school?

Is the right to not be forced to attend a government school lesser than the freedom of speech?


“By what authority does a State have to force a child attend a government school, where they are taught poisonous and evil doctrines?”

I disagree that this is a power inherent to a State. This wasn’t a power accepted at the formation of this country or when the Constitution was drafted. Even where there were laws mandating schooling, they didn’t mandate public education. There’s a big difference there.

To that you might say it’s the consent of the governed: “The voters gave the State the authority to compel public education.”

My parents never gave the State that authority. Did yours?

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As I have often blogged, “public education” is to create cannon fodder for the Army, willing morons for the factories, and useful idiots to vote for and be led by the elite.

In the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee, “the teachers’ union” wields an awesome amount of political power.  So it’s never going to give it up voluntarily,

Perhaps, “We, The Sheeple”parent will just withdraw their consent and their children from the system?


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