ECONOMICS: The Gooferment is to blame for Texas’

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Why Texans are cold and in the dark Texas’s predicament stems from a decision that state lawmakers made about 20 years ago to abandon the traditional model of fully regulated electricity utilities. Still used across many areas of the nation, these electric companies — described as vertically integrated utilities — do not compete for customers and are allowed to earn a rate of return on investment. They can raise rates only with the permission of state regulators. (Washington Post)

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All the Gooferment’s fingerprints are all over this crisis.


Village of tiny homes combats homelessness in Los Angeles area

“A tiny home provides security and peace of mind, allowing residents to lock their personal belongings and leave their shelter to engage in their community, access jobs and participate in other critical activities on their way to placement in permanent housing,” the nonprofit wrote. “We are doing our very best to MAKE HOMELESS HISTORY!”

Village of tiny homes combats homelessness in Los Angeles area

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First positive news I’ve heard about “homelessness” that wasn’t a politician or bureaucrat making the problem worse.