POLITICAL: Fix the voting frauds!

VON SPAKOVSKY: How To Make Sure The 2020 Election Never Happens Againhttps://dailycaller.com/2020/12/04/van-spakovsky-how-to-make-sure-2020-election-never-happens-again


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In fact, that is the first reform states need: requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote not just in-person as in Georgia and Indiana, but also for absentee ballots, as is the law in Kansas and Alabama. That includes providing an ID at no charge for the tiny percentage of the residents of their states who don’t already have one. And states need to modify their driver’s licenses, which are the default national ID card used by the average American every day for many different purposes besides voting, to conspicuously note whether the individual is a citizen or not.

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Sorry, but if this MINIMAL precaution is NOT implemented, then why trust ANY election!


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