POLITICAL: Will SCOTUS punt or stand up for honest elections


Can the Supreme Court Unite to “Decimate” Texas’ Original Jurisdiction Case?
 — Could the Chief bring everyone together for a single merits ruling in a short time?
JOSH BLACKMAN | 12.11.2020 5:35 PM

Tom Goldstein writes that the Supreme Court should do more than dismiss Texas’s original jurisdiction case in a summary order. He says that the Supreme Court should “decimate” the motion with a written opinion.

It is perfectly ordinary and appropriate for the justices to write an opinion explaining the various reasons why they are rejecting Texas’ request. . . A simple five-page per curiam opinion genuinely could end up in the pantheon of all-time most significant rulings in American history. Every once in a long while, the court needs to invest some of its accumulated capital in issuing judgments that are not only legally right but also respond to imminent, tangible threats to the nation. That is particularly appropriate when, as here, the court finds itself being used as a tool to actively undermine faith in our democratic institutions — including by the members of the court’s bar on whom the justices depend to act much more responsibly.

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Disclaimer: I’m not any kind of a lawyer. As a little L libertarian, I don’t like either the d’s or the R’s, but I have followed the anecdotal stories and the statistical analysis of the 2020 Election carefully.

If SCOTUS doesn’t address the blatant fraud in SOME fashion, I fear we will never have an honest election ever again. Why shouldn’t the “political parties” lie, cheat, and steal in ANY election they can? NO ONE is ever held to account, especially the rich and powerful politicians and bureaucrats. Maybe a few peons will get their wrist slapped but that’s about it.

Corrupt elections have been a national joke since the JFK’s dad stole the Presidency from Nixon. We joke about the “graveyard vote”, non-citizens voting, and all sorts of scams around registering to vote. Never mind, “harvesting” the nursing homes, homeless, and felons. And don’t forget the “walking around money” that gets distributed.

No, if SCOTUS punts on this, then it sends the wrong message to the power players to clean up their act. If SCOTUS was to disqualify the five or so States from sending electors, then that, by itself, would send a STRONG message about “law and order”. Anything less, means that the Republic is lost until the next revolution.


UPDATE 2020-Dec-11 1846 

SCOTUS punted!


ECONOMICS: Focus on the downside

Guns are a big part of my life… they make me money, they keep me safe, they encourage a particular set of values and lifestyle….but sometimes it gets difficult to remember that there are other aspects of preparedness that may actually be more paramount.

Source: Focus

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If someone asked me what to do to increase resilience for 2021 I’d say “Wargame a scenario where you lose your job and can’t find another one at all or at the same wage and prepare for that”. That means clear debts as quick as you can, and start holding cash. Sure, you’ll lose some to inflation but I don’t see a Wewimar-esque hyperinflation coming yet. If you want to hedge your bets, split it among cash and metals. Here’s what I wold not do: I would not buy big ticket items just because I can, I would not buy anything on credit, I would not plan any expensive vacations, and I would not plan on having kids (because do you really want to take the hit of three months without a paycheck  and have the added medical expenses and the additional stresses all at a time when things are so uncertain?)

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Yeah, it’s easy to be an optimist, and if you’re lucky, it’ll always work out for you.

But when planning for contingencies, assume the worst, and all surprises will be to the up side.

When as the Big Fat Old Turkey couselling Fat Old White Men, who were laid off or fearing for “their” job — even though “your job” is really NOT yours — I would urge them to figure out their “burn rate” of mandatory monthly expenses and depending upon their situation of age, education, savings, debts, and skills — hot in great demand or not — then realistically plan for how long they would be out of work.

Sometimes the answer was that they’d never get another job like their last one. It’s a brutal honest truth that comes to all of us sooner or later. (In my case, it was later; I’ve see some who just turned 50 and were stunned to be unable to find work at all.)

So a word to the wise, be prepared.  In this economy, an emergency fund of two years burn rate is NOT out of the question.




BIGOTRY: The secular religion is predominating the woke culture


Sippin’ Starbucks No More
By Paul Gottfried 

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The fate of Betsy Fresse, an evangelical Christian who refused to don a gay pride shirt in accordance with instructions from her manager in a Starbucks store in New Jersey is explained with remarkable concision in a recent Reuters article:

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Let’s imagine that the dissenter was a homosexual activist being forced to wear a shirt stating marriage is between a man and a woman. This assertion would not have caused the slightest scandal up until about 25 years ago, because it would have expressed what everyone across the political spectrum had always believed—or was expected to believe.

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Seems that we can see the “truth” when we put the shoe on the other foot.

Mostly, the question begging for an answer is: “Why do all these corporations suddenly get involved in politics?”

I don’t understand it.

Focus on selling your over-priced coffee, please.