BIGOTRY: The secular religion is predominating the woke culture–starbucks-no-more/

Sippin’ Starbucks No More
By Paul Gottfried 

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The fate of Betsy Fresse, an evangelical Christian who refused to don a gay pride shirt in accordance with instructions from her manager in a Starbucks store in New Jersey is explained with remarkable concision in a recent Reuters article:

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Let’s imagine that the dissenter was a homosexual activist being forced to wear a shirt stating marriage is between a man and a woman. This assertion would not have caused the slightest scandal up until about 25 years ago, because it would have expressed what everyone across the political spectrum had always believed—or was expected to believe.

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Seems that we can see the “truth” when we put the shoe on the other foot.

Mostly, the question begging for an answer is: “Why do all these corporations suddenly get involved in politics?”

I don’t understand it.

Focus on selling your over-priced coffee, please.


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