SAD: Jose Altuve tattoo conspiracy should heighten MLB’s hunt

Really, in light of the high emotions surrounding this matter, shouldn’t Altuve proactively display his alleged tattoo, which Correa first mentioned to The Athletic? The shortstop said that his double-play partner wanted to hide the ugly, unfinished artwork on his collarbone, which on the surface sounds just as ludicrous as the other given explanation, that Altuve’s wife didn’t like it when he disrobed up top. Adding to the intrigue, social-media detective Jomboy pointed out that Altuve put on an undershirt late in the notorious American League Championship Series Game 6, then removed it prior to stepping to the plate in the bottom of the ninth.

Source: Jose Altuve tattoo conspiracy should heighten MLB’s hunt

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Sorry, but “We, The Sheeple” shouldn’t let this go!

It’s a sign of “immorality” in public life. “We wuz robbed!”

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Well that didn’t take long.

Still don’t believe it, but he responded to the question.

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