SECURITY: Don’t Get ‘Juice Jacked’ While Recharging In Public

Do you plug your phone into free public charging stations? Be careful! According to NBC News , you may get ‘juice jacked’ by hackers who have installed malware that can tunnel and copy your sensitive personal information! Cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley demonstrates how a hacker could access a person’s phone through a public charging station.NBC News “Depending on the vulnerability they exploit, they would have access to everything you would have access to on your phone,” according to cybersecurity expert Jim Stickley.

Source: Don’t Get ‘Juice Jacked’ While Recharging In Public, Cybersecurity Expert Warns

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Personally, I don’t use “public charging stations”.  I have several cheap battery blocks for the purpose.  In the rare instance that I have to, I “juice” the block and then connect the device to the block.

Can’t be too careful in “security”

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