Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad called ‘wildly misleading’, NRA says it left out ‘salient facts’

Screen shot form Bloomberg’s controversial Super Bowl ad Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s $10 million anti-gun ad that aired during the Super Bowl made false claims about child gun deaths and falsely suggested that the victim highlighted in the commercial was a child when he was tragically killed.

Source: Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad called ‘wildly misleading’, NRA says it left out ‘salient facts’

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The one-minute ad features Calandrian Simpson Kemp talking about the loss of her son, George Kemp, who was killed in a shooting in 2013. It showed childhood pictures of him, but none of him as the 20-year-old adult he was at the time he was killed during a gang fight.

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I saw that commercial and just knew it was slanted.

Like the Trevon Martin coverage, the deceased is “spiffed up” for public consumption.

No one feel that every human death is in some way a “tragedy”.  One can’t be pro-life and not be frustrated by Gooferment policies that make unnecessary deaths a plague on the nation.

In this case, Bloomberg supports the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”.  Just like (alcohol) Prohibition, it led to gang warfare with  killings.  Why anyone is surprised that the “drug” gangs are killing each other?

End the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” and you won’t have a gun problem.  Just like Coke and Pepsi don’t shoot it out over shelf space, neither will the “drug gangs”.  (What does an out of work drug kingpin do?)

In fact let’s turn Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, and your local pharmacist on the problem. “Illegal” drugs will be so cheap that no one will care.

And, all the money being wasted by the police, judicial system, and the prison system can be redirected to treatment.  After all, it is a medical problem.

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