Ken Starr: Impeachment Violated Due Process and the Constitution

The House impeachment inquiry into President Trump, he said, had been “dripping with fundamental process violations.”The fact that Trump’s rights had been violated went against the first purpose of the Constitution, he said, which was to “establish justice.”“Courts would not allow this,” Starr said.  “They knew, and they know, that the purpose of our founding instrument is to protect our liberties.”

Source: Ken Starr: Impeachment Violated Due Process and the Constitution

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At what point do the “process violations” give DJT45 a “get out of jail free card”?

I don’t see what he did to warrant impeachment. Seems like a partisan witch hunt by the looney left.

That being said, didn’t they failed to observe the “rules of fair play”?

Where was all this “outrage” when HRC was corruptly violating security rules with her email and the Clinton Foundation? (Sorry but if I’d done what she did when I held a clearance, I’d probably still be in the stockade!)

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