The Ethics Of A Gold Standard

Authored by Antonius Aquinas, The efficacy of a metallic monetary system is beyond dispute at least among real economists which eliminates just about 95% of whom are now engaged in the “profession.” Money, which gold is, allows for specialization, the division of labor, and provides the means for mankind to escape from barter and, thus, a primitive existence.

Source: The Ethics Of A Gold Standard

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No doubt, I’m a “gold bug”.

I can’t imagine a football game where the definition of a yard was inconsistently lengthening.  All measures and stats would be worthless.  Designing a strategy and tactics would be a nightmare for any plan.

So too, when the there is NO uniform standard of account, store of value, or sanity, it’s an impossible situation that is doomed to collapse.

The question is does it take civilization as we know it down with it?

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DJ Don Imus, made and betrayed by his mouth, dead at 79 –

“I talk to millions of people every day,” he said while riding home in a limousine after one show. “I just like it when they can’t talk back.”

Source: DJ Don Imus, made and betrayed by his mouth, dead at 79 –

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Reminded me of George Carlin, but closer to the “unacceptable” edge than George.

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Smart intersections could cut autonomous car congestion

“autonomous car congestion”

Source: Smart intersections could cut autonomous car congestion

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Solved by allowing “autonomous cars” to “platoon” together as one big one.

And, who’s pays for the eventual accidents?

The “platoon leader”?

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Man Arrested In Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident Had Been Deported Six Different Times | The Daily Caller

ICE has since revealed that Sanchez, an illegal alien, has a lengthy history of border violations. The 39-year-old Mexican national has been deported a total of six times: once in 2012, three times in 2008, and twice in 2002.

Source: Man Arrested In Deadly Hit-And-Run Accident Had Been Deported Six Different Times | The Daily Caller

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This is absurd.

And a needless preventable death.

Some politician and | or bureaucrat should be fired.

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Canadian island turns into ghost town after all but two residents leave | Daily Mail Online

Only two people plan to stay living on Little Bay Islands, a town in Newfoundland and Labrador in the Canada’s far east, going into 2020.

Source: Canadian island turns into ghost town after all but two residents leave | Daily Mail Online

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Interesting that people who lived there part time and paid property taxes get stiffed in the Gooferment forced relocation.

That’s what happens when you depend on politicians and bureaucrats  for anything.

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GOVERNACIDE: FDR was responsible for Pearl Harbor


Pearl Harbor Day: One For Which FDR Shoulders ‘Infamy’
by Tyler Durden
Fri, 12/07/2018 – 21:45
Authored by Daniel Oliver, op-ed via The Daily Caller,

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On December 7, 1941 the Empire of Japan bombed the U.S. Pacific Fleet which was stationed in Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. In addressing Congress the next day, President Roosevelt called it “a date which will live in infamy.”

But Roosevelt’s reputation should live in infamy too. The line that Roosevelt enthusiasts and left-wing historians have peddled for so many years is that the attack was a complete surprise.

Here’s a sample from The American Pageant, a typical left-wing American history textbook widely used in American high schools:

Officials in Washington, having “cracked” the top-secret code of the Japanese, knew that Tokyo’s decision was for war … Roosevelt, misled by Japanese ship movements in the Far East, evidently expected the blow to fall on British Malaya or on the Philippines. No one in high authority in Washington seems to have believed that the Japanese were either strong enough or foolhardy enough to strike Hawaii.

That’s the left’s version, and it’s in line with the rest of the “fake history” they want American high school students to learn. The Education and Research Institute (ERI — of which I am chairman) has written a critique of The American Pageant, which tells a more accurate story about Pearl Harbor and scores of other events in American history.

The American Pageant gives almost no blame to FDR for the Pearl Harbor disaster — even though the United States had broken the Japanese secret code and knew an attack was imminent. The textbook authors assure us that “no one in high authority in Washington seems to have believed that the Japanese” had the ability to launch such an attack.

But that is simply wrong. Some high-ranking members of the U.S. Navy did believe a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor was possible, but FDR disagreed with them and he removed those contrary voices from positions of power.

The commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor was Admiral J. O. (Joe) Richardson. Unlike Roosevelt, Richardson did not underestimate the Japanese — and he had studied them and the dangerous Pearl Harbor location thoroughly.

Richardson said that a simulated aerial attack that the U.S. had conducted at Pearl Harbor in 1932 proved that torpedo planes could cripple any fleet stationed there.

Even before Roosevelt ordered the Pacific Fleet to stay at Pearl Harbor indefinitely, Richardson had protested that keeping the fleet there posed a danger to every ship. He had been attempting to monitor the military movements of the Japanese to give the United States time to evacuate Pearl Harbor in case of danger

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My Uncles always believed that FDR was responsible for Pearl Harbor.  And NOT in the sense of, “the buck stops here”!  They knew from the (real; not fake news) that military decisions were made at the White House. (One of them worked for decades in the Navy Department.)

FDR needed to end the Great Depression that was caused by the politicians and bureaucrats messing with the economy.  What better way to ensure prosperity than by a war that would never come to America.  


“We, The Sheeple” don’t recognize the politicians and bureaucrats as “war criminals” and traitors to the civil society.

How many more people have to die before this “terrible genie” of Gooferment is put back in Pandora’s box?

Time for another revolution?

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