The Ethics Of A Gold Standard

Authored by Antonius Aquinas, The efficacy of a metallic monetary system is beyond dispute at least among real economists which eliminates just about 95% of whom are now engaged in the “profession.” Money, which gold is, allows for specialization, the division of labor, and provides the means for mankind to escape from barter and, thus, a primitive existence.

Source: The Ethics Of A Gold Standard

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No doubt, I’m a “gold bug”.

I can’t imagine a football game where the definition of a yard was inconsistently lengthening.  All measures and stats would be worthless.  Designing a strategy and tactics would be a nightmare for any plan.

So too, when the there is NO uniform standard of account, store of value, or sanity, it’s an impossible situation that is doomed to collapse.

The question is does it take civilization as we know it down with it?

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