Vermont Moose Saved After Hoof Stuck on Railroad Tracks

Vermont’s Department of Fish and Wildlife added that such rescues are rare because of the risk to both the animal and the rescue crews in those situations.“Such recoveries are many times not successful,” the department said. “It’s great to see that, in this case, it ended well for those involved and for this very fortunate moose. A great job by all, and a special thanks from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife to those who helped in this effort.”

Source: Vermont Moose Saved After Hoof Stuck on Railroad Tracks

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Good work and good practice.

All life is “sacred” and should be treated with dignity and respect.

While we can’t save everything, we should retain our “humanity”.

My thought, after good for the moose, was could it have been a child or other human stuck there.

Wonder how it can be prevented in the future?

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