TECHNOLOGY: How not to implement a Customer facing system

*** begin quote ***

Important news about American Express Gift Cards

Dear Ferdinand Reinke,

A new American Express Gift Card site is coming soon! By June 26, 2018, please log in to your Account to access your saved information and past Gift Card orders. When the new Gift Card site launches, your American Express login credentials will not work, so you will need to create a new login. This new login will not be tied to your American Express Credit or Charge Account.Please log in now to save important account information you may need, such as order history, receipts, saved payment methods or shipping addresses.

Coming soon!
The new site will include changes such as:New Card designs
Option to add a customized message to all Cards
Ability to load any amount between $25-$3,000 on all Cards
Easy reorder
Variable Purchase Fee pricing from $3.95-$6.95

*** end quote ***

I am surprised, as an ex-Amex employee, that this is such a  Customer hostile implementation.


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