Another dead child the city might’ve saved

It happened again: Cops say a drug-addicted mother already on the city’s radar murdered her 5-month-old baby.On Tuesday, Joann McLeod allegedly threw her young son, Raymond Porfil Jr., against the

Source: Another dead child the city might’ve saved

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The Gooferment can’t protect the defenseless; what hope does anyone have for their “protection”?


Your Incredible Shrinking Dollar

Over the last 12 months, the purchasing power of your dollar has dropped at the fastest rate since 2011. According to the latest data released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) jumped by 2.8% year-over-year in May .

Source: Your Incredible Shrinking Dollar

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Gee, what a surprise. The Gooferment “cooks the books” and its numbers were “spun”.  Argh!

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