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Yet you’ll remember back when Hillary collapsed and had to be thrown bodily into her van at the World Trade Center memorial observances in Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2016, she and her doctor claimed she had “pneumonia” — “pneumonia” which was curiously all better when she emerged from her daughter’s apartment to greet the gathered folk out on the sidewalk about an hour later.Doctors report someone who has pneumonia so severe as to cause a complete fainting collapse do not “get all better” within an hour.

Also, Donald Trump (who — contrary to most reporting — often initially says a lot less than he really knows) commented that Hillary would show up for the presidential debates all buzzing with energy, but less than two hours later would need help shuffling into her van — kind of like someone who was being “juiced up” for special occasions.

Yet reporters — whose first job is to be curious — shrieked that it was (and apparently remains, to this day) completely out-of-line to challenge the “official version” on Hillary’s health, that only black helicopter Conspiracy Nuts would visit the Vidzette Web site and listen to Dr. Ted Noel explain that Hillary Clinton was showing every sign of the mood-and energy-swings of a patient on L-Dopa therapy (which can create a high like cocaine, followed by a serious slump) for advanced Parkinson’s Disease.

Source: Vin Suprynowicz » Blog Archive » On Reporters Who Ask No (Unapproved) Questions

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Often wonder of the truth of that “Hilary has Parkinson’s” story?

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One thought on “Vin Suprynowicz » Blog Archive » On Reporters Who Ask No (Unapproved) Questions

  1. Correction:King Donald the 1st always knows less (A lot less( than he says. We are on the slipperiest of slopes. Just sayin’

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