POLITICAL: Why isn’t Bernie Sanders challenged about “democratic socialism” in Venezuela?

Sunday, December 3, 2017


The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods:  By Hugh James Latimer | November 25, 2017 |

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The inflation rate in Venezuela has soared to over 4000% as the economy continues it’s death spiral. As the their money is virtually worthless, the government continues their failed economic policies and a huge humanitarian crises is emerging. Food and medicine are in short supply and investors are threatening to seize Venezuela’s only remaining valuable asset – oil. Both the government and the state-run oil company have defaulted on some of their debts and it would appear they are poised to default on more. Currently, Venezuela owes over $141 billion to bondholders, Russia, China, contractors and oil service providers. Thanks to H.L. for the link.

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Why aren’t Bernie Sanders and the other left liberal “Democratic Socialists” being challenged daily to explain why their ideas are different?



The left controlled media is giving these fools a free pass.


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