RANT: NFL cities versus teams

Watching the “Los Angeles” Chargers!

I guess the cities are disconnected from “their” teams.

Maybe the low ratings are not because of politics but the lack of loyalty to the cities that have “invested” their taxpayers money and the fans that have an emotional connections.

Maybe the “circuses” are losing their appeal to the suckers?


One thought on “RANT: NFL cities versus teams

  1. You look at some of the traditional teams, Packers, Steelers, even the lowly Browns…..their fan bases are loyal. Los Angeles now has two teams…??? Rams and Chargers, are you kidding me? We saw a young couple Sunday wearing brand new Cleveland Brown shirts as they awaited their game with the Steelers. I chatted with them and they have been life long Browns fans. Now that’s loyalty! Or a Jets fan! :-)

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