POLITICAL: One of the TARP-sters endorses HRC


Most Corrupt Bankster in U.S. Endorses Hillary Clinton
By Thomas DiLorenzo
June 27, 2016

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It’s hard to imagine a better endorsement of Donald Trump’s economic policies – whatever they may be, whenever he finds the time to explain them – than the recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton by former Goldman Sachs CEO and U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.  As the man in charge of the biggest explosion of corporate welfare in world history – the “TARP” bailouts, he defined himself as a sworn enemy of capitalism and a socialist when it comes to the capital markets.  Socializing billions of dollars in investment bank, insurance company, and automobile industry losses with taxpayer dollars qualifies Paulson as deserving of the S-word label.  As such, Hillary Clinton may well have found a new political and financial soulmate.

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The fellow who gave us TARP wants to keep the “music” going in this game of musical chairs.

Remember that TARP was originally passed as buying HOMEOWNER’S underwater mortgages and having them repay the Federal Gooferment in accordance with the original or relate terms. At least, that made some sense to keep folks in their homes. Somehow that morphed into a hand out all the Crony Capitalists. 


Sorry, but I’m rooting for the rejection of HRC.

Picking Trump is like  choosing the prettiest horse in the glue factory coral.

But, if that’s what it takes to disrupt “the system”, then so be it.

A wise Persian king asked his advisers to bring him something that would make him happy when he was sad and vice versa. They eventually brought the king a ring on which is inscribed “This too shall pass.”

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