POLITICAL: State Militias as way to recapture lost State power


The Case for Restoring the State Militia System

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The state militias, which have largely been subsumed into the National Guard system since the First World War, were once the centerpiece of American defense. For most of the history of the republic, the federal army was small and concerned with the defense of borders and with providing a solid professional core of soldiers in the event of a major conflict. The majority of soldiers in such a war would be composed of members of the state militias.

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It’s a interesting perspective that caused me to realize that this “militia” power has been stolen by the Federal Government from the individual States.

I’ve often thought that the 17th Amendment — the direct election of Senators for those from Gooferment Skrules — allowed for the growth of the Federal Gooferment thru unfunded mandates unchecked by the various State legislatures. 

At least, that was done via an amendment. Unlike what was done with the state militias / national guard, “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs”, and the many un-Constitutional “Departments” and “Agencies”.


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