GUNS: It takes time to reload

In Defense of Self-Defense
By Andrew P. Napolitano
June 16, 2016

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In the Orlando tragedy, the man who killed 49 and wounded 53 used a handgun and a rifle. The handgun accepted magazines containing 17 bullets, and the rifle accepted magazines containing 30 bullets. The killer, using both weapons, fired more than 250 times last Sunday morning. That means he reloaded his weapons about a dozen times. Each time he reloaded, he stopped shooting, as it is impossible for any person to shoot and reload simultaneously.

We know from forensics that the killer was a poor shot. We can deduce from that knowledge that he was a slow reloader. One learns to shoot first and reload later. It is likely that it took between three and seven seconds each time he reloaded the handgun and longer with the rifle. In those time periods, any trained person carrying a handgun in that Orlando nightclub could have wounded or killed him — and stopped the slaughter.

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In all the angst and turmoil over all these “mass shootings”, the shooter has to reload. And, that takes time.

Even unarmed, the victims need to be courageous and take action.

Of course, it’s easier if armed. Even if that “arm” is just a swiss army knife, that MAY be enough to turn the tide of the battle. Even win the “war”. A knife to the neck can distract anyone.

Even though I’m not the example of the “trained shooter”, I can hit the center ring at 50 yards reliably. And, if I use the whole magazine, then I’m positively sure I can put one of them in the center ring. I hope that I can do as well “under fire”. If the killer is such a poor shooter, then it’s obvious he has practiced as much as the “average enthusiast”.

As the Judge points out that “gun free zones” ensures that it won’t be “free of guns”. Just guns in the possession of lawbreakers.


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