GOVERNACIDE: Why Lincoln is my worst?

Book Title:   The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War  
  Author:  Thomas J. DiLorenzo  
  Published:  Roseville, Calif.: Forum/Prima, 2002.  
  Price:  $10.47 (paperback)  
  Pages:  Pp. xiii, 333.  
  Reviewer:  Richard M. Gamble  
  Affiliation:   Palm Beach Atlantic University  
  This book review appeared in the Spring 2003 issue of The Independent Review

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In ten concise chapters, DiLorenzo attempts to demythologize Lincoln’s reputation as the humanitarian benefactor of the slaves and the judicious statesman who preserved, protected, and defended the Union and the Constitution in their hour of greatest crisis. With the flair and passion of a prosecuting attorney delivering closing arguments to a hostile jury, he exposes Lincoln’s embarrassing views on race, his ambition for economic nationalism, his rewriting of the history of the founding of the nation, his cavalier violation of constitutional limits on the presidency, and his willingness to wage a barbaric total war to achieve his ends. DiLorenzo argues that Lincoln opened the gates of war and plunged his fellow countrymen, North and South, into four years of misery and death not to preserve the Union as it was or to free the slaves, but to advance his own, his party’s, and his constituency’s power. In many ways, The Real Lincoln is a sobering study in power and corruption.

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Recently, I was having a chat with Jake from AL401 — not jake from State Farm but from American Legion Post 401 in NJ — about the “worst presidents”. 

He was incredulous that I was saying Lincoln.

So here’s a reference for my thoughts.

So I stand by my opinion.

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