LIBERTARIAN: Austin Petersen a principled moderate Libertarian

Austin Petersen Delivers on Glenn Beck Program
By Jason Stapleton –  May 24, 2016 

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Austin Petersen represents a principled Libertarian approach of how to move from where we are (i.e., well along on the road to serfdom) back to more freedom (i.e., it took since Woodrow Wilson to forge these chains of slavery we’re in today so it will take us an equal amount of time to get back to where we were free).

On Glenn Beck’s program, Glen pointed out that: (1) the “(pseudo) War on (some) Drugs” has failed; (2) the wars — which Beck supported — have made us less safe; and (3) the economy is a disaster. And, while Petersen didn’t completely win him over, he pointed out that he will draw support from:

(a) the Constitutionalists because Libertarianism moves us back to the Constitution;

(b) the Christian Coalition because Libertarianism recognizes everyone’s freedom to be left alone as long as others are not injured;

(c) the anti-Trump people because Libertarianism is an acceptable alternative to his unprincipled populism with bluster but no substance;

(d) the Bernie people — assuming Hillary is the nominee — because Libertarianism’s freedom message draws on their anger at Crony Capitalism.

Now we have to deal with the “wasted vote” argument by demonstrating that there is NO real difference between HRC and Trump from a policy perspective and both have their own negatives. HRC is a criminal and Trump is a crude braggart with no substance.

Could the Libertarians finally get on the main debate stage and be recognized as the Party of Principle?

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