GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Set Puerto Rico free

TUESDAY, MAY 24, 2016
Save Puerto Rico by Setting the Island Free!
By Veronique de Rugy and Tad DeHaven 

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There’s an old saying about raising children that “healthy birds fly away from the nest.” Applying this concept to territories of the United States, it may be time to consider setting a timetable for Puerto Rican independence as part of any effort by federal policymakers to help the beleaguered island regain its financial health.

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It’s time to set free the USA’s “colonies” — Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, and anybody else.

Puerto Rico’s problems are partly of their own doing and partly Washington’s.

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Ryan secures big win with bipartisan Puerto Rico deal

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And, the débâcle will continue.

Give PR a fresh start and let them find their own way.

We’ll all be better off. 

The USA can’t afford the luxury of “high living” off the backs of the Taxpayer class.


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