INOVATION: Changing memes about housing

Tiny Homes, Wiki Houses and Co-Living: The Future of Housing Isn’t More of the Same

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It’s some way off yet — but we are on a road leading to low cost 3D printing and self-manufacture:

* A road where homes need to be endlessly adapted and customized for individual need.

* A road where underutilized spaces will need to be repurposed for a sharing economy.

* A road where the cars themselves may be driverless.

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Everything IS changing and we have to adapt.

One of the biggest Information Technology challenges I faced was the “legacy infrastructure”.

All plans had to transition from where one is to where you want to be. 

Can’t throw it all away. Not because of the sunk costs — they’re just gone, but one rarely has the budget to completely replace it. As a matter of fact, the biggest disaster I ever saw was from an attempt to do that “replace everything”.

So, housing and travel have to adapt to the new realities of life. 

Will there come a time when humans once again stay with a few miles of home and work?

Interesting concept to think about?

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