GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Shouldn’t confiscated motorcycles be sold?

NYPD crushes dozens of confiscated motorcycles live on Facebook
Published May 17, 2016 FoxNews.comFacebook

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The New York City Police Department “crushed it” on the internet on Tuesday.

So said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, who oversaw a Facebook Live broadcast of the destruction of a few dozen off-road motorcycles and ATVs, that were confiscated for being illegally operated on city streets.

The hashtag? #UseItAndLoseIt

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Several suggested that they should have been resold to raise money for the city, or donated to charity, instead.

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The arrogance and stupidity of politicians and bureaucrats on full display.

How does this help anything?

The waste reminds me of BHO’s “cash for clunkers” that raised the cost of used cars and hurt everyone. 

Leaving aside the “theft of private property” for the “crime” of using the taxpayer paid for streets, how does the size of the crime match the punishment.


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