PRODUCTIVITY: Stop multitasking!

The SwitchMultitasking is actually kind of a problem — for kids and adults
By Hayley Tsukayama May 4 

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Parental advocacy group Common Sense Media came out with a new study Tuesday that looks at how parents and their children view their own media habits — and whether they feel as if they’re “addicted” to their screens.

But it also takes aim at another common modern behavior: multitasking.

Chances are that we all multitask. (Case in point: In the course of writing this post, I have taken four calls for three stories, sent seven emails and participated in two work chats.) It has become easier than ever with the advent of new technologies that let us juggle screens — and even multiple things on each of those screens.

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I am writing this while watching TV.

Maybe I need to change?

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One Response to PRODUCTIVITY: Stop multitasking!

  1. This is an interesting article! I think I might be addicted to technology.

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