LIBERTARIAN: Limited Government, Individualism, Peace, Tolerance and Free Markets

A Message to Cruz Supporters
By Jason Stapleton – May 4, 2016

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What is the message to the millions of Cruz supporters? To the constitutional conservative who feels their voice is no longer represented in politics today.

Many of you feel that the Republican party no longer represents your values and ideals. I’ve felt that way for many years. Gone are the old ideas of limited government, states rights, individual liberty and free markets. The majority of Republicans serving in office today are barely distinguishable from liberal progressives.

Oh sure, we get the occasional lip service paid when there’s an election. They talk about lower taxes, reducing the debt, returning to constitutional government and clawing back the regulatory spiderweb that’s keeping our economy is a perpetual malaise but what do we really get?

Time and again we’ve seen Republicans cower and fold when it comes time to make good on their promises. Whether we’re talking about the debt ceiling being raised, adding anther trillion to our debt in the last six months or the new “conservative” budget passed by a Republican Congress that boasted a half a trillion dollar deficit, the results never match the rhetoric.

The Republican party is no longer the party of constitutional, limited government. They are no longer the party of liberty. With Cruz out there is little to stop Trump from being the party’s nominee. With his assertion marks a definitive shift in the party of Lincoln. The Republican party will now take on the face of a Nationalist and populist movement. That is what Trump stands for.

In the coming months, you’re going to be given a false choice. You’re going to be told for any number of reasons that you must vote Trump. You’re going to see political insiders and media giants who once stood shoulder to shoulder with you against Trump now modify their message to make it acceptable for you (and them) to support a man who does not hold your values or your ideals sacred.

They will do this because, at their core, it’s about party not principle. They will give you the impression that you can choose left or right, but you much choose one or the other. This is the false choice. There is a third way. A way for you to maintain your principles and vote your conscience. A way for you to send a message to those who tell you to fall in line.

As I said, I came to the realization that the Republican party didn’t represent me years ago. And I went looking for a political philosophy that did. And I found it. Libertarians believe, at their core in 5 basic principles. They are Limited Government, Individualism, Peace, Tolerance and Free Markets.

Libertarians believe you have the right to be left alone. That government should be limited to protecting life liberty and property and should be no larger than is necessary to perform those functions.

Come November you’re going to walk into a voting booth and on the ballot there is going to be a third choice. The libertarian choice. What I would ask is, if you feel like you’re voice is no longer represented, if you feel like a man or woman without a country, please investigate the third option.

Don’t sit at home on election day in an attempt to punish Republicans. Stand up and be counted. Let them know that you no longer stand with the party of National Populism. Tell them you still love liberty, and you’ll fight to keep it.

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Your choices are: Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian.

“But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.” Grail Knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

I’d be happy to chat with any Bernie, Hillary, or other non-Trump supporter about why there is a THIRD choice.

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One Response to LIBERTARIAN: Limited Government, Individualism, Peace, Tolerance and Free Markets

  1. I’ve always thought it interesting when people talk about voting for a third party as a “wasted vote.” Actually, in terms of the “value” of a vote, your single vote added to a pool of 25,000 would seem to carry a lot more weight and power than your single vote added to a pool of 25,000,000.

    I fully agree on the “Don’t stay home on election day.” advice however: that really DOES remove your power. Go out and do a write in vote for “Bonzo For President” if nothing else.

    Michael J. McFadden
    Peace Studies, 1973

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