LIBERTARIAN: Add an air gap, vpn, and firewall?

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… … the Supreme Court has approved new rules that would allow the FBI to not only hack any computer in the U.S., but around the globe. Legally.

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Does anyone, other than me, see a problem with this type of intrusiveness? 

Time to “air gap” your computer?

At the very least, use your CHROMEBOOK to access the inet. Since it has no storage for the FBI to inspect, there’s nothing for them to see ON YOUR COMPUTER. (Bet they won’t even look.)

Use an SD card to capture data you want from the inet and “sneaker net” that to the computer you use and visa versa.

PIA, yes. But secure from remote inspection.

On another note, any serious computer person has best invest in a VPN and a FIREWALL. I don’t trust the ISPes either. They HAVE to be in bed with the Gooferment.


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