INOVATION: Location data needs to be universal

Why location data quality matters more than ever
Paul Malyon March 15, 2016 Data Quality, Data Cleansing, Partners

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Back in frog.surely.vest, the issues may not be lifesaving. However, even in places where there is a good quality address file, there is still room for innovation. Imagine taking a short walk on to Clapham Common and sitting down for a picnic at proof.rugs.cage. Shortly after spreading out your picnic blanket, a delivery driver (or perhaps even a drone) drops off your gourmet sandwiches and a bottle of pop. This is simply not possible using existing solutions and would elevate the customer experience on offer to another level for that retailer. This could easily sit alongside the service that delivers your weekly grocery order to your home.

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Sounds great!

Now if we can just get the USPS on board!

What other ways can we use this?

EMT and POLICE for sure.

Need an app for that and get everyone on board.

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