LIBERTY: The REALID database is like the Social Security Number

The IRS could Stop You From Flying. Here’s How…
By Mark Nestmann
Nestman.comApril 6, 2016

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Then there’s the matter of whether Real IDs will actually be, well, real. Proponents say the high-tech identity documents produced under the initiative will be tamperproof and nearly impossible to counterfeit.

But this claim is a bald-faced lie. We need to look no farther than the newest generation of US passports – those equipped with a supposedly tamperproof radio frequency ID (RFID) chip similar to the one inserted into all Real ID compliant driver’s licenses. Hackers have shown it’s almost child’s play to clone an RFID passport. Is it too much to imagine that clever hackers will similarly find a way to hack Real IDs?

But the most threatening aspect of the Real ID initiative is its creation of the equivalent of a national database to include details on 250 million licensed drivers. Each state must provide electronic access to the information contained in its motor vehicle database to all other states.

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Stopping REALID is a very important to our liberty!

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