RANT: Good systems and Customer service?

Request Update

Hello AnnaMarie,

This is regarding your order 87A21EA7AE from  The Walking Dead Store.

We’re sorry your order hasn’t shipped yet. Due to a technical error on our end, your order is held from being shipped. Sadly, we are unable to fix the error. We wish we could’ve informed you sooner, but we just found out about this recently.

Since we can no longer fulfill your order, your order will be automatically cancelled. Please note that we have not charged you for the order yet as we only charge payments once an order ships out.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

MyPlay Direct
How is our Customer Service?


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3 Responses to RANT: Good systems and Customer service?

  1. Come on! Waddaya want? They’re ZOMBIES! Sheeesh… cut ’em some slack before you cut their heads off!

  2. reinkefj says:

    Except it was a year later, many emails, and one attempted phone call. Argh!

  3. Just goes to prove that it’s really not that hard to be nice to customers. Even zombies can do it!

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