LIBERTY: Will the he CIA’s “Phoenix Program” come home to roost?

The CIA’s “Phoenix Program” in Vietnam and the “War on Terror”
Review of Doug Valentine’s Book
By Hugo Turner
February 8, 2016

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The Phoenix Program in Vietnam in many ways provides a blue print for our own times. Assassinations and torture are the essence of the war on terror. As are death squads and false flag terror attacks. As are mass surveillance of the populace.

Thanks to the work of Douglas Valentine in his classic book “The Phoenix Program” we have an extremely detailed account of the Phoenix Program exposing a classic example of the brutality of the CIA’s counter insurgency wars. By studying the Phoenix program one can gain a great deal of insight into the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

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The past is prolog.

Anyone, who does NOT thing that the Gooferment is immoral, ineffective, and inefficient — as well as untrustworthy — need only read this summary.

And, anyone, who thinks it’s not still going on, is delusional.


“We, The Sheeple” should be ashamed of these abuses.

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One Response to LIBERTY: Will the he CIA’s “Phoenix Program” come home to roost?

  1. There was at least a good taste of this in Senator Ernest Gruening’s 1968 book, “Vietnam Folly,” — a book that led to my working on Manhattan’s Peace Studies program over the next few years. Very well worth reading, though a bit hard to find nowadays for under $35 or so used.

    – MJM

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