RANT: The “Law” needs a couple of “fixes”


Stolen Lives, Protected Criminals: The Wrongful Imprisonment of Christopher Tapp
By William Norman Grigg
Pro Libertate Blog
February 6, 2016

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There are abundant reasons to be grateful that we do not live under the Old Testament “lex talonis” legal covenant, and one compelling reason to lament that this is so: Under the system of justice described in the Book of Deuteronomy, a lying police officer and corrupt prosecutor who falsely convicted an innocent man would be required to suffer the punishment intended for their victim.

Under that legal principle, former Idaho Falls Police Detective Jared Fuhriman and former Bonneville County District Attorney Kip Manwaring would be serving a sentence of 30 years to life for the wrongful murder conviction of Christopher Conley Tapp.

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Well, not only do we need to call the politicians and bureaucrats to “fix” the concept of “sovereign immunity” that protects the police and prosecutors from their abuses. Some of the stuff that gets reported is absolutely inexcusable. We’re not talking about a minor mistake or flub; these stories document prosecutorial or police criminal abuse.

Also, the courts need to be open to ANY appeal that could prove one’s innocence. I don’t care if it was evidence available at the time of trial, new DNA capabilities, or ineffective counsel / abusive prosecutorial conduct. The door should be always OPEN for proof of innocence. If I was President, I’d take these cases under advisement. 

Better a hundred guilty go free, than one innocent is in jail.

Just think, the unlucky stiff in jail could be YOU!

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