TECHNOLOGY: Worried about remote overrides to stop stolen car?

TECHTech Q&A: Saving money on Internet, finding Wi-Fi dead spots
By Kim Komando  Published January 31, 2016  The Kim Komando Show

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Q. I love the technology coming out in high-end cars. When do you think I’ll get it in an affordable car?

A. You can expect high-end features like autopilot, “driver overrides” that take control before a crash, and remote overrides to stop stolen cars, in most cars by 2020. However, add-ons like heads-up-displays, fingerprint key fobs and dash cams should be available sooner, and you can even find some now. Learn more about car tech you’ll see soon that will keep you safe.

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Well, they better improve security before they do this. 

I can see the bad guys following a pretty young girl until they come to an “opportune location” and hitting the “remote override stop”. Instant victim.

Yes, maybe I’m paranoid who sees monsters behind every turn.

“Just because you’re not paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.” — Andy Grove

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