INSPIRATIONAL: Rewire your brain to avoid decline

Sian Williams: how to rewire your brain to avoid decline
The former BBC News presenter Sian Williams explores new research showing that simple lifestyle changes can help reverse mental decline

By Sian Williams
3:00PM BST 15 Aug 2015

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I learn a lot from being with Scilla and meeting all these other brilliant minds, coming up with ways to protect ours. Dementia will affect one in three of us over 65. That’s frightening, but being acutely stressed about it will only make our cognitive function worse.

Scilla takes time to relax, sleep well, walk and see friends – as good a way as any of, not just protecting our brains, but getting on with life.

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Wow, that’s not “good news”.

The good news is that there are some evidenced-based tactics to avoid it.

Hope so. 

I’ve seen the “nursing homes” and that’s not living.

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