RANT: No victim; no crime

Police say 4 upstate NY bikers clocked going 138 mph on interstate, issued speeding tickets | Fox News 


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So what? Why ticket them? What victim was there?

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4 Responses to RANT: No victim; no crime

  1. reinkefj says:

    Now you have completely changed the equation. Now you have a victim. One could quible was how did a 4 year old venture out on an interstate. But then bothe the parents and operators would be liable. I don’t care if the child sky dived onto the road way, then you you could say they were reckless. Intent, in the little L libertarian world, has little to do with anything. You take and action that results in harm, then you have to make restitution. In the example I cited, no victim. Other than some donut eaters who had to call ahead for some other donut eaters to do their work for them. Argh!

  2. frenchync says:

    just checking….if they hit and killed a 4 year old, we could charge them then? unless it was an accident of course, since speed limits aren’t there to protect people. So I guess then it would be OK, if they didn’t mean it?

  3. reinkefj says:

    “Speed limits” are not about anything but “revenue collection”. As a little L libertarian, I firmly avow: “No victim; no crime”. So in the example cited, where is the victim?

  4. frenchync says:

    John…really? Should we wait until there is a victim, and then charge them? Would that make it better? We live in a nation of laws, with civility….they were breaking them.

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