RANT: Jury got it right


George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin’s death
By Greg Botelho and Holly Yan, CNN
updated 7:12 AM EDT, Sun July 14, 2013

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In this case, from what I have seen, the Jury got it right.

I think the Prosecution lived up to the expectations of Gooferment bureaucrats.

If I was the Judge, I would sight the Prosecution for malpractice (about the disclosure) and incompetence (overcharging and using the GZ interviews). 

If I was the Governor, I would take the Judge aside and suggest another line of work.

If I was GZ, I’d move and change my name.

If I was MSNBC I’d switch to be an all comedy network; they are a joke.

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One Response to RANT: Jury got it right

  1. frenchync says:

    Never should have gone to trial. They fired the police chief because he wouldn’t arrest Zimmerman. Put the lead detective on grave shift. Skipped the Grand Jury! Really? The ‘process’ is police investigate, if they feel there is enough evidence to indict, they bring it to the D.A., and Grand Jury. Then they decide. In this case, they allowed the public and the liberal media to cause an unnecessary trial. And in the end, it came out EXACTLY as the police chief tried to tell them…I have no crime here. A tragedy yes that a young man was killed, but a crime, no.

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