RANT: Is the Zimmerman judge fair?

Sorry, while I haven’t been in the courtroom, I do think that the Procesution has proved reasonable doubt. I’m no lawyer, but it seems there is SUBSTANTIAL room for appeal.

What swings it for me is that Z had no duty to NOT follow what he perceived as a suspect.

And, clearly he was getting his butt kicked.

The left wing media with the pictures has prejudiced the jury pool.

I have no idea if he’s “guilty”; I do think that he has to be judged “not guilty”!

Sorry for all involved.


2 Responses to RANT: Is the Zimmerman judge fair?

  1. frenchync says:

    Wow Scott….what evidence is there that Z started the fight? He was concerned about the crime wave they had been having in the neighborhood, and suspected the guy of being up to no good. All Mr. Martin had to say was, “I am staying with a relative over there” and gone on his way. All Z did was to question him…it would have been nothing more than a conversation if Martin had not punched him and tried to kill him. A tragic event no doubt, but one that could have been avoided had Martin exercised some good judgment, instead of acting racist with comments like “a creepy ass cracker” to his friend on the phone.

  2. Scott says:

    Sorry but getting your butt kicked in a fight you started isn’t an excuse for killing someone who was not committing a crime. I will respect the decision of the jury but this shows that carrying a gun doesn’t make you tough. Zimmerman had no need to engage Martin and was on the losing end of an ass kicking. There is a difference between knowing your a tough guy and thinking you are and I hope GZ learned that lesson. He’s a coward and when he’s released (which he will be because the prosecution was horrible and overcharged him) I hope a real tough guy gives him another ass kicking just for the fun of it.

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