INSPIRATIONAL: Race, an obsolete paradigm and an erroneous meme?

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A Co-worker sent this to me. 

My thoughts went like this:

*** begin quote ***

Would you consider that “race”, whatever that is, is an obsolete paradigm and an erroneous meme?

Changing paradigms is easy; memes are painful.

What did MLK say? “Content of their character” …

and Gandhi “be the change you want to see in the world” …

and the old Catholic hymn “let their be peace on earth and let it begin with me”.

Sigh, I’m just a fat old white guy injineer …

and I “Dona Nobis Pacem”. 


2 Responses to INSPIRATIONAL: Race, an obsolete paradigm and an erroneous meme?

  1. reinkefj says:

    I’m just a fat old white guy injineer. I can’t with any degree of certainty tell what happened months ago. I can say with a reasonable degree of assurance that “race” is a flawed concept.

  2. frenchync says:

    There is only one race, the ‘human race’. We all came from the same set of parents. It was the different languages and the scattering of mankind (Genesis 11: 5-9) which created what we call “races” today. When in fact not different ‘races’, but all the same people. It was the scattering to different parts of the world, to different climates, which created over time different ‘sets’ of people with different levels of melalin (low, medium, or high levels developed over time from staying in that climate). The groups formed at the ‘scattering’ referenced above, likely were formed with people having the same language (makes sense that those that were given the same language would stick together, since they were the only people they could communicate with and understand). Over several generations of sticking together in that one climate….what we call ‘races’ were formed. But really just all from the same family….just got ‘scattered’ a very long time ago! :-)

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