FUN: Found the drivers license I misplaced

I know I am ready for the home.

Remember I misplaced my new DL about a week after getting it?

Found it today!

Three guesses where.

Nope, nope, nope … … give up?

BEHIND the toilet?

How it got there I have no idea?

How long it could have remained there is an “interesting” question.


Now where is my cellphone?

Behind the spare tire in the car? There is a spare tire in the car, right? They still have those. 

Just the other day, I went to the gas station, got a gallon of gas for 30 cents, and the attended washed the windows … …

… … in my dreams!


Maybe I am in the home and this is all a dream?

Are we having pudding after dinner?


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GUNS: I love this commercial!

This is the essence of the debate!

I trust women, any woman, to decide when to unload.

My only gripe is that the guy wakes up all!

Someone comes through my door like that — not that any would be rapist is interested in a fat old white guy injineer — they should be greeted with a full magazine out through the nose.

Old, weak, women, gay or straight, celebrity or office cleaner — level the “playing field”!