The Right To Marry
by Scott Lazarowitz

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Once, again, the “gay marriage” or same-sex marriage distraction is in the news and on the talk shows. Some people say it is a societal or cultural issue that government must address, and others say it is a religious issue.

The same-sex marriage issue is a private issue. And yes, the individual has a right to marry.

Who the hell is the government to allow or forbid private people to establish their own voluntary associations, relationships, contracts and marriages?

Regarding the right to marry, while the Bill of Rights does not mention that specifically, the Ninth Amendment does state that “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

There are an infinite number of rights that human beings have. Each individual has an inherent right as a human being to one’s life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as long as one doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s same right.

Based on this right of self-ownership, each individual has an absolute natural right to do with one’s life, one’s person and property as one wishes, as long as one is peaceful. Unfortunately, statists and politicians do not understand this.

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As pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, I think marriage is between a man and woman for the purpose of raising children. (Yeah, yeah, I know all the arguments about that.)

BUT, I also think that what anyone else does is NONE of my business. 

Communities, Churches, and individuals can form their own opinions. Without my help or the Gooferment’s force.


No one should ever be forced to do or abstain from anything.

So to the Gooferment should not be picking winners and losers via tax or benefit policies. 

Just stay out of the bedrooms and all the rooms.

While there is some modest State interest in ensuring that “children” are provided for, they are the future citizens. At some point in their “life”, they have God-given rights. We recognize “rights” as a way to maintain peaceful cooperation amount equals.

The essence of all human problems seems to originate with the meme that one human can “force” another to do, or not do, something.

The proof is drugs in prison.

So too is the meme that “marriage” is any concern of the State.  


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