GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Zero-Day School Weeks

Mar 23, 2010 6:27 pm US/Central
4-Day School Weeks Might Be Coming In Illinois
State House Has Passed Bill Allowing School Districts To Set Up Shorter Weeks; Mayor Daley Has Doubts

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Add an entire school day to the chopping block. State lawmakers want to move financially struggling schools to four day weeks. They say it will save money, and it won’t affect classroom time.

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Kids would still have to complete the same number of hours per school year, so switching to four-day school weeks would mean longer school days or shorter summer vacations.

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I have an idea that will save a lot of money.

Close the youth indoctrination centers completely and forever!

It’s immoral to make people pay for things that they did not agree to pay for. Parent had ’em. Parents feed, clothe, and shelter them. They should educate them too.

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One Response to GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Zero-Day School Weeks

  1. Wendy says:

    A “Four Day School Week”! What is our goverment thinking? We are suppose to be pushing for education! Children today are not getting the education that we did as children and they want to take away a day a week to make their education opportunity worse! We have graduates today that cannot write a paragraph, cannot count back change, write like they are in 1st grade, cannot spell, and cannot read on a high school level but I guess all of this is OK…why not support ignorance????? Maybe our government needs to stop supporting other countries and borrowing to support those countries and start paying attention to what is going on right here in the United States. Support the people living here! Start by putting some of that money going to other countries into our children and giving them the education they deserve!

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