MONEY: The dollar is done

Dollar Forced to Abdicate by Peter Schiff

*** begin quote ***

To save our currency, the Fed must get very aggressive with interest rate hikes and reign in the supply of dollars that have flooded the world over the past few years. The federal government must also do its part by cutting spending, which means no more stimulus and no more bailouts. Undoubtedly, these actions will have unpleasant economic and political consequences. A student who studies harder may have to miss a party or two. A simple analogy, but unfortunately it is that simple.

*** end quote ***

BUT, (there is always a big butt), it will never happen.

The “patient” (i.e., the dollar) is a “dead man walking”. The only question is when.

The congress critters killed it. And, us.

Like the line from the movie “Red October”, “You killed us, you arrogant ass!”

Only in this case, it’s the political class.

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